ECWM604 Advanced Web Technologies


These notes and assessments are for a 3rd year UG course on web technologies at the University of Westminster, running in Semester 1 of 2013-14. If you have any queries, please email Dr Simon Courtenage at courtes (at) wmin (dot) ac (dot) uk

You are free to use them even if you are not one of our students. The notes are made available under a Copyleft license, although the copyright of various pictures and media used in the presentations remains with the copyright holder.

The Webtech Blog can be found here.

Lecture and tutorial schedule


The first coursework for 2013-14 is now available - please follow the link below.

The assessments for 2013-14 are not yet available. The links below are to the 2012-13 assessment and are provided for historical interest only.


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